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Title: Love After War Author [No Usernames accepted]: Chanelle Regulus Summary: Alexis Marie Baker used to be friends with the super ' hot ' Mathew Thomas , USED TO as in past tense . 4 years later , Matthew realized what he wants and missed . Will Alexis or Lexi , forgive him ? Subtitle: Some Things Never Change ... Password: Twilightmoon Mood: Happy , Romantic . Picture links: Ideas[ Will NOT Accept ' Idk ']: I was thinking you could blend the pictures ? i dont know what thats called haha . Anything else: nope ! i dont think so . THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH :D

I just posted in ☾| T W I L I G H T | M O O N | D E S I G N S™ | ☾ on Wattpad

Lace dress

Wildfox Couture crop top
$96 -

Simdog crop top
$76 -

Oversized t shirt

Heart shirt

Hollister Co lace top

Pins and Needles crop top

Print t shirt

Mango knit sweater
$24 -

Crop top

Crop top

Crop top

Ruffle top
$28 -

Hello kitty shirt

Crop top


Strapless top
$12 -

Crop top

Black jacket
$55 -

True Religion skinny jeans
$480 -

J Brand short shorts
$100 -

Skinny jeans
$83 -

Aaiko skinny jeans
$79 -

Levi’s short shorts

Levi’s short shorts

Dr. Denim short shorts
$63 -

Short shorts


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